Monday, August 31, 2015

Next Up + NiNi's New Movie Is Becoming The Talk Of The Town

Today is the last day of the #AugustReleases, but don't be sad because tomorrow the brand new hashtag #SeptemberReleases starts which means that we get a whole month of new PSR albums and sources close to the label say that 25 PSR artists is "enrolled" in the September Releases including the queen. The last person for the #AugustReleases is  Anna Margaret with her 5th PSR album which is a double album titled "I......Am.......Anna" That title has the beyhive buzzing saying she ripped off B whose 2008 album is titled "I......Am.....Sasha Fierce" but regardless it has a nice buzz and is getting positive reviews. Although Ms. Margaret hasn't been vocal a whole lot lately, she has been keeping up with making sure no one forgets her name and her first day sales prove she is still popular with fans and in the music game. Click here for my full review, stats, indo and purchase links for "I...Am....Anna" by Anna Margaret. In other news, NiNi's new movie (still have no idea or details about it) is all the rage in the game and it's generating a huge buzz. We're still trying to get more info on it stay tuned. ...

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