Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fight Breaks Out......................Again + NiNi Shows Her Facell For The First Time In 3 Weeks

The #ChiNiq war continues and it doesn't seem to be getting better, in fact it's getting worse. Cymphonique released her new album the other day and China criticized it over Twitter which was a payback to Niq since she did the exact same thing to her when she released her album last month which started a huge Twitter war between them but obviously they weren't done...They bumped into each in Cymphonique's hometown of New Orleans and China straight up went after her and threw a punch and they started brawling. Cops were called but it isn't known if either one were arrested but they each had to pay a fine. New details are on the way stay tuned. In other news the queen has finally come out after 3 weeks as she was at a signing earlier today in downtown Georgia where she announced she will be re-joining T &C next week for the Legends Tour. Click here to see her at the signing.

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