Sunday, August 23, 2015

NiNi Walks Out On An Interview....For Apparently No Reason + Next Up

Today a popular magazine called "Tribe" is bashing the queen all over the industry for walking out during the middle of her first interview since being released from prison, and her first interview in over 8 months. It was very anticipated and all her fans and even the staff at the magazine was anticipating this interview so it was a big deal. The interview started off pretty cool, she seemed happy was smiling joking laughing and whatnot. She let us know about upcoming projects (lookout for her in the #SeptemberReleases if they make that hashtag) but midway through, the interviewer was about to ask her a question (keep in mind the interviewer never asked her a bad question, she wasn't disrespectful and was nice to her) NiNi just hot up and walked out for no reason. The interviewer lady deals with plenty of celebs on a daily basis and she understands most of them are extremely busy to the point they have to just excuse themselves for a minute and handle something, they thought this was the he case with NiNi but after 30 minutes of not coming back they realized she left the building and didn't let anyone know or offer any explanation. The magazine is bashing her because they went through alot to just get her there and considering they paid her her fee of $350,000 dollars for an interview which didn't get completed, yeah they're FURIOUS. But the loyal "Ns" are sticking by their idols side saying something mightve came up and she had no time for explanations, after all she is a wife and mother and that comes before the job. But Tribe continues to bash her on Twitter, FB and pretty much any other dumb social media site that exists these days saying she is unprofessional and very rude. The money they gave her, they are legally obligated to get it back since her part of the deal wasn't fulfilled but they would have to sue her but the owner says "why bother let her enjoy her free money, we just know better next time"  The Ns are attacking the magazine for attacking their "leader" so it's just getting crazy. How do you Ns feel? Click here to view when she just got up and walked out. In other news, next up in the #AugustReleases is Azalea Banks with her 3rd PSR album titled "Ca$h Out" It's getting decent reviews but still is struggling to break record breaking numbers for first day sales and she is behind everyone else in the #AugustReleases. Click here to read my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Ca$h Out" by Miss Banks.

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