Monday, August 10, 2015

No Fight + Next Up

Yesterday it was reported that KP and Tinashe had a fight due to T defending C but that isn't true. This morning T posted a tweet saying " I Luv and respect @KatyPerry as an artist and a person #NoDrama" which officially confirmed that a feud between them is not happening. Katy returned the favor by tweeting a picture of T along with a clip of her newest song "Sex" with the caption "Dopest song ever!!" Definitely going on my Playlist! #Tinashe #Sex" but while there's no need with KP and T, there still is with Niq, China and KP and it's really not getting better. Click here to see what I mean. In other news, next up in the #AugustReleases is Meek with his highly anticipated "Street Dreams Mixtape which is his 3rd off the label and he quickly became the new leader of the #AugustReleases. It's available for free and has over 4 million downloads. Click here for info, stats and download links for "Street Dreams" by Meek. Also speaking of drama popping off and Meek, we all know that he is in a beef with Drake and Drake's once upon a time love interest and friend Nicki is defending Meek going in hard at Drake. She tweeted that Drake doesn't write his own songs and Meek was right when he said it. Fans are bashing her hard because they sat Drake had her back from the beginning of her career through the Lil Kim drama and all and for her to attack him like that over a man she just started dating is seriously wrong and thottish. Everyone is bashing her she hasn't responded yet. Stay tuned

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