Friday, May 30, 2014

Nini And Willow Tension

Seems as if Angel and Jay aren't the only ones Nini has tension with seems as if she has problems with Willow Smith too. Today Nini was recorded exiting a rehearsal building and she bumped into Willow and Willow said so looks like you're gaining wait that's not cool. Nini said leave me alone and walked away. Willow followed her and said its OK I can help you with that if u want why you think I keep weight off. Nini said why don't u stop worrying about me and worry about why you're sleeping with 25 year old men you little brat. Willow said don't judge me. You're not gonna lecture me are you because i dont need advice from a stripper. Nini said look u little shit and she grabbed her by her shirt and lifted her off the ground. Willow said let me go or ill tell everyone you and your husband raped me. Nini let her go and said get away from me bitch and walked off. Willow smiled and walked the other way. A fan recorded this whole thing.  So another beef? We think so.  Click here to check out the video!


johnny1 said...

Willow vs nini is that even a real competition

johnny1 said...

Willow too grown for her age ain't she what like 12? She need to sit her lil ass down

johnny1 said...