Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Left Eye"

Today NiNi dropped a new single from her new mixtape "Rize Of The Queen" called "Left Eye" Check out this hook "I caught my nigga cheating so I headed to the westside take a lighter burning all his shit up like I'm left eye like I'm like I'm left eye like I'm like I'm left eye gotta get it poppin on this nigga like I'm left eye" This refers to the famous incident when Miss Left Eye burned down her man's house when she found out he was cheating on her. The song is about men cheating and how women can get revenge in the worst way just like Left Eye did and that's where the title comes from. The song is really cool and it hasn't stolen the number 1 spot yet, but its at number 2. BUT many people are wondering if that song is dedicated to NiNi's husband BEITH since many sources say OG beith is cheating on NiNi, is he we don't know, is there a true meaning to this song? Many people are wondering why make a song like this that sounds so personal if its not,  That's what we are trying to find out and we will let you guys know, in the meantime Click here to check out "Left Eye" by NiNi

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