Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Millions Speak Up On The NiNi And Weezy Fight + NiNi Confirms Her Reality Show Is Still On

In the aftermath of the NiNi and Weezy fight which the media is calling "Neezy" many celebs have expressed their feeling about it such as Avril Lavigne who posted "God whats up will all the fighting @NiNi AND @Weezy I look up to both of y'all cant we all just get along for real" Or Selena who posted "Wow that's all I have to say #DEJAVU" And Even Ye her uncle got into it and said  "We all know NiNi is cray that's why  you shouldn't fuck with her Weezy I feel for you boy how your eye feel?"  At least 2,000 celebrities have spoken on the fight so far and no that's not an exaggeration, its celebs from PSR and celebs from other label's as well as move stars and professional dancers, everyone knows about this fight and all of them have an opinion to offer. Click here to check out most of the responses to the Weezy and NiNi fight! NiNi Wayne nor Shanell have made any public responses nor have any responded to any requests for comments as of yet, lets hope one of them speaks up! In other news only a few short hours after this fight NinI did speak, but not about the fight: This is what she posted "New episode #LIVINGWITHNINIEPISODE7 Coming this week don't miss it" Not once did she mention anything about the fight, that's what happens though when you're semi-private. Don't miss NiNi's reality show this week on Wednesday at 8pm on VH1!! We'll get you guys all the details on the show and the fight when we get it! I know at least 89% of the population wants to know what Weezy did to the queen to make her go off like that which gave birth to the twitter topic #whatweezydidtoNINI and when we find out we will let you know! So much drama huh?!?!?!


johnny1 said...

lol that fight is so funny to me

johnny1 said...

that's cuz ur an asshole