Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Details Are Emerging On NiNi And Wayne's Fight

Yesterday afternoon, NiNi was shown punching kicking and throwing things at her mentor Lil Wayne while Young Money artist Shanel held her back. In the video Wayne, just like Jay did not fight back instead he just distanced himself from her and tried to protect himself from her. Some say its a little weird for a video like this to release only days after the video of Solo and Jay did and many insists that NiNi is trying to take the focus off of her famous royal friends, B, Solo and Jay, but new details are coming out that may say that's not the case. Just like Solo many people are putting together their own creations of what might've happened to lead up to him violently kicking and punching her buddy. But speculation isn't official but what is official is witnesses and many fans were outside when the three exited the building, and fans say that Wayne Shanel and NiNi came out the building and Wayne said "Well looks like you have to spread  them legs more you know you real good at that huh" and he laughed and she said "Excuse Me?" He said "Nah just fuckin with you shorty" and NiNi said "No No No I said excuse me nigga?" He said "Damn why you bugging I always fuck with you I was just playing" At that point NiNi walked up to him and said "Fuck you bitch boy!" At which point Wayne said "Oh 4real and laughed seeming like he thought she was playing and after NiNi looked like no he didn't say that that's when she went crazy and started swinging but before that, Shanel knew something was wrong and knew that NiNi wasn't joking like Wayne was and she went to grab her but she missed her and NiNi went off on Wayne's face and then Shanel grabbed her and told her to chill and stop because its quote "Mad heads out here" but Just like NiNi is so famous for she didn't care and continued to claw scratch and punch at him and Shanel did her best to hold her back. NiNi yelled at Wayne and Wayne had a very serious look on his face, some witnesses say that his look was sad like "I'm so sorry I was just playing" Others say he looked shocked, but regardless after NiNi hit hm numerous times, Shanel dragged NiNi away from him while she was still screaming and pointing at him and Shanel took her in her limo and they pulled off. Wayne had to wait for another limo. Paparazzi wasn't on scene so the video is from a fans cell phone. Its a little blurry but you can see it and sort of hear it clearly. Sources say that Wayne suffered scratches bruises and a busted lip at the hands of NiNi. Shanel NiNi nor Wayne are speaking up on anything and requests for comments went ignored from all 3. Stay tuned for more info on this developing story we still aren't 100% sure that this is the way it went down, so when we get more info we will let you know! Click here to check out the video again!


johnny1 said...

damn she went ham on this nigga it mustve been worse then that she went too hard just for him playing

johnny1 said...

did u ever think that nisha wasn't playing duh