Monday, May 26, 2014

100 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against NiNi From Former Assistant

We all remember Sarah right, NiNi's former personal assistant who she fired a few months ago after their fight. Well Sarah has taken her beef to the courts in the form of a 100 million dollar lawsuit against her former boss. The lawsuit lists that Sarah was NiNi's personal assistant from July 2007 to February 2014 in which time she cooked cleaned did laundry and ran many errands for the queen. She mentions at times NiNi would send her as far as Japan to pick up important documents. Within those 7 years she claims that royalties that were owed to her have never been paid out to her, and she claims that NiNi continuously promised her she will pay her and never did. It further goes to state that in addition to being her maid for 7 years, NiNi also prevented her from seeing her family and says she was ordered to stay at the label in the room that NiNi had made for her, and that she was responsible for paying for food clothes and other things for every staff member and artist on PSR. She is suing for the money owed to her which amounts to over 100 million dollars, and also for emotional and physical trauma that she endured while working for her. Also she claims that she was treated very unfairly and humiliated and made fun of by NiNi and her girl besties Katy and China and that she provided NiNi with over 100,000 dollars worth of jewelry make up and clothes that she paid for out of her own pocket for her last tour with B and she didn't receive a dime back. NiNi has responded to the lawsuit with a laugh and she is asking the judge personally to dismiss it as she feels its ridiculous and she has no merit to warrant her to sue her. Her lawyer made this statement "My client and myself feels that Miss Sarah's claims are outrageous in the least. She has absolutely no proof of any of these claims and my client wishes to get the judge to dismiss all charges on the grounds that without my client she would not have obtained any jobs in the music industry and all royalties that were owed have been paid and we have verification of that, its absolutely ridiculous" NiNi also posted her own statement on Twitter saying "I laugh at that lawsuit, Sarah would've never been anything or been anywhere without me and she never will be the places that she has been when she was with me, its funny to me because she wants to grow balls now but when she was around me it was nothing she wouldn't do to kiss all our asses whether we asked her too or not NEXT!" Many people say that NiNi is bragging and sounding a little too cocky with that whole "She wouldn't be anything without me" line but when you are a queen you have the right to be as cocky as you want. Some sources say that Sarah is also suing NiNi's husband as she claims she ran unpaid errands for him as well with the promise of pay and never received it, but this is unconfirmed. No word yet if a judge is willing to dismiss the lawsuit or play it out through court. We'll let you know when we find out.


johnny1 said...

she just want money cuz she know nini has a lot of it

johnny1 said...

exactly when u have a lot of money u get a lot of lawsuits thrown at u

johnny1 said...

that bitch need to go sit down somewhere