Saturday, May 31, 2014

2 Chainz Gets Dropped For Offensive Lyrics

When it comes to PSR, trust me it will be an all girl label soon, as NiNi is dropping people left and right and its mostly males. We all know that many male rappers say things in their lyrics such as Ludacris saying "My bitch ass like Trina" and many other rappers references female rappers, some of them take it as a compliment but NiNi clearly doesn't. A new song dropped a few days ago by 2Chainz Called "Good Pussy" and he says "My bitch got some good pussy come and see me, my bitch put it down good pussy like NiNi" NiNi didn't appreciate his verse as it sends out the wrong message and she released  him from his contract today for the song. This is what she posted and it seems as if they were talking to each other she posted "Sorry @2CHAINZ I'm married you fucking asshole, don't put my name in your shit especially not in that way, like dude 4real ugh and I say that to you UGH!" 2CHAINZ replied simply saying "@NiNi Really a meaningless verse really??????" Yup 2CHAINZ the man who has done more then any other rapper on PSR is gone, can you blame NiNi though? Well some say she is too sensitive, others say that she had every right because his verse was very disrespectful to her husband and her family, so mixed emotions. What do you guys think? Should she have dropped 2CHAINZ or should she have taken it more easier then she did? Sound off! Click here to check out the song that started it all by 2CHAINZ!!


johnny1 said...

huh? nini don't u know that that's how it goes u should know that more then I do

johnny1 said...

stfu so what she don't like it duh