Friday, May 23, 2014

Is NiNi Responding To Angel?

Today NiNi made an unrequested interview with TMZ, They caught up with her in the street in NJ and she actually stopped and they mentioned nothing about Angel they only asked her how she is doing and this was her rush response "Man I'm whatever I still got air in my lungs and God in my life so that's what matters to me everything else is nothing bitches wanna talk shit then so be it I don't respond to talk anymore especially bald headed bitches with no swag no skills no nothing like I'm way past that now so that extra drama is just extra drama its not apart of me so as far as me I'm just doing me trying to live life to the fullest" Many people say that statement is a subliminal message to Angel who has been running her mouth about her and her husband since last week. NiNi did make a statement about it but other then that she has been silent. So what do you guys think, is she speaking about Angel or just annoying people in General? Click here to listen to her statement

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johnny1 said...

yeah that's to angel lol