Sunday, April 1, 2012


Sup' to all NINI fans out there., I apoligize for not posting in a few days but i had the flu in bed all week but as usual i have some updates on our favorite "superstar" NINI. Last night 3/30 Nini had a HUGE house party in the city of Houston on the 500 block of Weston and when I say Huge I mean HUGE!!! The exact number of guests in attendance has not yet been confirmed but judging from the footage shot by TMZ and APAC it was a memorable night indeed. First Solange was spotted walking into the "party" followed by longtime collaborator Chris Brown, other guests were not captured as they arrived before news crew and paparazzi arrived on the scene. We do know DJ Envy was there as well as legendary rock performers Bruce Springsteen And Jock Lastoe. Neighbors reported very loud music coming from the residence at around 430pm CT. Around 5pm reports flew in that smoke filled the sky erupting from NINI's backyard and the smoke was seen across the greater Houston area by eyewitness accounts the smell smelled strongly of marijuana! According to TMZ The smell was so strong that neighbors had to flee the area until it settled around 3am that night. Cameras didn't capture everything or everyone but they did show fans exactly what the party looked like and hey that's good enough for us right? Her "party" made the news around 4pm that afternoon and became the top story by 7pm and still is a top story for multiple TV station outlets as well as paparazzi outlets. According to NINI'S official website 10 fans were chosen as part of a contest to attend, but no word yet from Nini's camp on exactly who those 10 fans were. The party reportedly ended somewhere between 1 and 3am as a crowd was seen leaving the area but no one on scene was available for comment including Nini. Its speculation that sex was going on as moans were coming from the yard! Just what kind of party was this???????? Anyway, regardless of what illegal activities went on its sure a trending topic on Facebook as well as Twitter, Google has reported a crash of their site due to so many people searching for "Nini's Party" approximately 1,000,000 searches within 24 hours. Her party continues to gain attention from outlets all over the world and is sure to make a long lasting impression on the industry. All we have to say is "WHY WEREN'T WE INVITED" Whats your thoughts? comment below!

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