Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nini and Shontelle BEEF?!?!?

My my my another beef story? I almost get sick of blogging about these because we all know why the beef is there but here goes: Our sources tell us that Nini and Shontelle are at war! First it was Miss Nana which was more of a game than a beef (lol) than Ke$ha (you see how that turned out) than Khia (Still no info on that yet guys) and now Shontelle SMH can you say "HATERS"....? Anyway, word on every street and Blogs and Magazines around the country is that the beef between these two beauties started the day after Easter.... April 9Th, when Nisha performed her legendary concert with Jay-z And Kanye West where a leaked track by shontelle allegedly aimed at Nini and her fellow performers hit the web. The song has some very controversial lines such as " I saw your show but I wasn't impressed, you think you cute he think he tight the other one is just a mess" and "girl I don't blame you for wanting to retire cuz' you know that ass is mine if you stay I got you hiding" and the most obvious line was "Tell your uncle he ain't funny his outbursts make him ugly guess its one happy family y'all ain't getting no money" This song is the first song by shontelle where she raps instead of sings and so far the web is on FIRE searching for updates on this beef. Shontelle or her reps haven't released a statement on the alleged diss track but the news got to Nini who responded with "impossible part 2" using shontelle's impossible instrumental rapping lines such as "Sweetie who are you? I swear I never heard of you, you on that bubble gum rap i went to sleep after hearing you" and "Girl this is crazy you should've kept your mouth shut treat you like a camera have Mr west shut you the fuck up" and "Shontelle I don't believe you you cant deal with me I bet you that your whole damn family wanna chill with me" No word from shontelle yet on the response song. Allegedly Friday the 13Th shontelle had an interview with New York's Hot 97 Radio Station where they addressed the alleged beef but she wouldn't comment on it stating "I have no words on that" One fan took to YouTube where he posted that he Nini and shontelle were at a club together on April 7Th where they were in discussion of a possible collab together but things turned bad when members of Nini's entourage busted glass bottle over members of shontelle's entourage heads and he says shontelle was punched in the process but he claims he doesn't know how the fight started and we cant confirm that this is what actually happened, but its all the info we have to go on right now. Nini hasn't yet made any statements regarding a fight neither has Shontelle nor has either one or thier labels made statements about the beef. There have been various versions of what actually happened at the night club between the two by a number of fans but none have been able to be verified or confirmed.... stay tuned for any more updates on this developing story. :)

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