Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nisha And Khia BEEF???

So we are getting many reports that the new beef in the world of music is none other than our girl Nini and the Freaky potty mouthed rapper Khia. According to our sources, the feud started after a show by Nini who received tons of love at the show as expected, but apparently one person was not showing love: Khia. She took to her twitter account saying "The world of music is changing so much and the fans are becoming more hypnotized at weird dumb ass performers like @NINI, a bunch of deceiving bitches and you guys show love to the wrong person SMFH" After a few hours Nini replied, saying "Thanks to all the fans who supported me at my last show, and thanks to the jealous hating bitches like @KHIA who make my job even easier lol spread the hate sweetie you filling my pockets what about yours?" The twitter feud continued for several more hours with Nini and Khia posting negative statements on each others Twitter pages and it wasn't long before the fans got involved with one fan posting "@NINI don't worry about that bitch @KHIA she just jealous because you at the top and her ugly untalented ass will NEVER get to where you are at keep ya head up girl!" The beef became a trending topic and fans actually created a forum post titled "Nisha And Khia Beef" that received over 5,000 views and the beef escalated with Nini saying "@KHIA bitch you cant see me on the stage or the street so go head with your B.S.... dusty bitches #gogetaLIFE!" And Khia saying "@NINI I can see you whenever wherever bring your scary ass to the A and I guarantee you wont make it out alive!" The beef took a new turn when KHIA posted a pic of Nini having sex with Bruce Bruce apparently photo shopped and when the two bumped into each other the following day one eyewitness reports it got into a heated argument with threats of violence and was about to turn into a brawl if police did not interfere. Wow Nini is wrapped in another beef and so far we have heard half of a diss song by Khia titled "Fake Bitches" listen to it here Nini hasn't responded to the song yet. Will she? Or Not? So far Nini has supporters on her side such as Ciara, Monica, Keyshia Cole, And Kyla Pratt. We have yet to hear from Nini regarding the beef. This is a developing story so stay tuned for more updates.

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