Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nini Voted Richest Female Celeb Of 2012

Hey, all got some short news to bring to the table, Nini has been voted "Richest Female Artist" of 2012 by Forbes magazine. According to Forbes' article she generated a revenue income of 180 Million dollars by the end of 2011 beating out Beyonce whose income was 62 Million, Jay-z whose income was 37 Million and Oprah Winfrey whose income was 75 Million, which makes Nini pretty much the most wealthy female artist since Whitney Houston in the 80's. Speaking of Houston, Nini is scheduled to perform a farewell rendition of Whitney's famous song "I Will Always Love You" at a memorial show in the upcoming week as a tribute to her late friend. Also her new movie "The House" has been pushed up to this upcoming Friday (April 20th) and the film has received a R rating for strong sexual content, Profanity, Drug use and Violence (Hmm) so be sure to go check it out in theatres Friday. Congratulations to Nini, I know it must be a very huge honor to receive a vote from Forbes as it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to make their "RICH LIST" Way To Go!

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