Friday, April 27, 2012

Nini Says To Kim Kardashian "Stay Out Of My Circle!

Attention seeker and fame whore Kim Kardashian is reportedly trying to get on Nini's good side but sources says "Nini will have no part of it". Kim is now dating Kanye West who is Nini's uncle and she recently struck up a friendship with Katerina Graham Nini's BFF. Reportedly Kim allegedly tried to get Kanye to call up Nini while they were on a date in New York and ask her to schedule a photo of her and Nini together, and she asked Katerina if she would call her up and see if she would agree to a song with her. Sources say that she is using Nini's closest friends to get close to Nini and trying to make a social climb and become more popular. This is what the article said "Nini and Kim are not even in the same class, Kim is desperate for fame and attention and never had to lift her finger a day in her life to get what she has, Nini has worked very hard to be where she is and her life is extremely private, There are no photos of her kids and when she got married we didn't find out about it until a long time after and there are no wedding pictures because it was an extremely private wedding because that's how Nini is, shes very cautious about what she shows and who she's around, unlike Kim whose life is the exact opposite, she's an open book! and Nini doesn't want that kind of attention into her close private life, the Nini that the world knows and the Nini that her family and close friends know is two different people and she wants to keep it that way. Despite the fact that Kanye is Nini's uncle she doesn't believe Kim is actually into him and believes she is using him because of his fame so she can look better and she wants no part of Kim to be in her circle of friends. Nini is classy and is used to hanging around people like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Gabrielle Union and other classy people so to speak, Kim is the exact opposite, she's below Nini in every way possible" This news comes as upsetting to Kim being that she wanted to be close to her and was hoping they can hang out and go shopping while her new man (Ye) and Nini's Husband (Beith) can talk music and business, but apparently "That's not gonna happen" Sorry to all the Kim K Fans who were expecting to see a friendship strike up and possible appearances by NINI on Kim's show but Kim's open lifestyle and drama is not what Nini is looking to add into her circle of friends or her life. Another article reads: Nini is a very hard working celebrity she puts in overtime doing what she loves, Kim is a lawyers daughter who became famous off a sex tape with Ray J and is on TV for some reason" The media has been bashing Kim all morning, we're not sure if Nini has said any of this personally out her own mouth, but it was many people including her "people" who spoke on her behalf and everyone, except for Kim K fans agree that Nini shouldn't let her into her circle because her whole private life will be gone due to Kim's tell-all attitude. Others feel Nini is acting like her and her circle of friends is better than anyone else and that she is above everyone not making as much or as popular as she is and looks down on lesser people who's not in the same social class as she is...alot of mixed emotions. "Nini feels Kim's lifestyle and drama that follows her is not acceptable to be apart of her circle and she's not a fan of reality shows or the fact that Kim is using people such as her "fake husband" kris humprhies for publicity. Even though Kanye's a Dick he still has worked very hard to get what he has and is not in any way like Kim K which is why he is apart of her circle, Kim K is not even in her league!" Says source magazine. This wouldnt be the first time Kim has been trying to jump from circle to circle and being banned. Beyonce also banned her from her circle of friends even though B is very good friends with Kanye, she told him "It aint happening" also Ciara, Chris Brown, Bow Wow and The Jackson's have banned her from their circle all for the same reasons basically. It seems no one likes Kim but can you blame them? On the other hand some sources wonder why all these people are banning her, is it because they actually are private and don't want Kim or her cameras jeopardizing that, or is it because they have something to HIDE? We don't know but its apparent that Nini and Kim will NOT be besties.

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