Monday, April 2, 2012

Nini Sparks Controversy On New Magazine

Nini was recently featured on the April issue of Vibe Magazine (April 2) and sparked a wide controversy from fans and critics. The magazine features Nini in a two piece bikini set and stunner shade glasses holding a gun and the headline labeled "Nini: Bad Girl Of The Year" not only that, its also reports that her skin is noticeably lighter as if she bleached her skin, which has sparked backlash from the African American community. Nini released a statement earlier today stating "The picture was not meant to be offensive to anyone and I express my deepest apologies if anyone was offended by the photo. I love my culture I love my race and I am not making myself appear lighter. The gun used in the photo was for illustration entertainment purposes only and in no way do I praise violence in any shape or form" She also was on "Good Morning Today" in an interview with "Media Hound" Tyra Banks to discuss the issue, responding to the question asked by Tyra "Do you bleach your skin" Nini replied "Lets put it like this if I bleached my skin I probably would be dead or very sick because that is not something you can do with no ill health effects" She isn't the first female celebrity to be accused of appearing much lighter in magazines or photos: Beyonce has been a major subject of disregarding her race to appear lighter after a 2011 photo surfaced, as well as Ciara, Monica, Tiffany Evans, ASHANTI, Keyshia Cole, Nicki Minaj, Lola Monroe, Keisha Chante, Kyla Pratt and many more. Hold your head up Nini they only hate on you because they ain't you! Whats your thoughts? Do you feel Nini bleaches her skin to appear lighter as a direct disrespect to her race?



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