Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nini Concert And LOTS of BOOB Signing

Its no secret that Nini is an amazing performer, and she proved that once again last night at her Mega Show in London with an estimated of 35,000+ attending. She performed with the likes of Hova A.K.A Jay-Z and Mr West A.K.A "YE" A.K.A Kanye West performing the hits "Step Back", "6 Minutes" and "Their new song "They Cant Stop Us" dedicated to Illuminati. The show lasted 2 Hours and Nini seemed to be in her zone the entire night. She arrived in an all white BMW Stretch Limo at around 7pm and greeted fans with pictures and autograph signings before her bodyguards escorted her inside the U2 Stadium. The show began at 8pm where Jay-Z opened for her and the show began and it was AWESOME! Nini completely stole the show with her sexual dance moves that we love as well as her multi talented voice as she she transitioned from singing to rapping on the sets. The crowd absolutely adored her entire performance, but the most memorable will have to be the infamous hug that Ye and Nini shared at the end as well as the explosion at the end and Nini, Jay, And Ye disappearing into the smoke. Nini threw her hat into the crowd and resulted in a brawl between two female fans leaving police having to escort them out of the arena. Me and my wife were in attendance and I must say it was a ROCKING show indeed even with the chaos that ensued she once again proved why we love her, and having Jay and her uncle Ye at her side complimented the performance well and will make the night even more memorable. Its no secret that Nini likes to sign autographs but just how she does it is HOT!. Like Nicki Minaj, Nini's female (and male) fans do not pull up their shirt for an autograph they pull up.......their shirt! She signed females' boobs for 1 hour along with 2 males chests. Our cameras captured the entire night in all its boob er..uh..."Good" glory (lol) and one thing is certain no matter what you may think of Nini she is the HOTTEST female celeb and human being on the PLANET right now.
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