Friday, April 20, 2012

Nini Makes A Statement, Movie Released Today

Hey all,  Nini's movie "The House" has officially released in theatres everywhere today and is receiving positive reviews in general from movie critics and has been rated a B+ By the Movie Association (MA) so congrats to our girl on that. In other news Nini took to her Twitter account and posted a statement which reads: "Thanks to all my fans who are being supportive of the movie and the mixtape, your continued support is important to me, however I would like to personally state that there is NOTHING sexual and/or intimate between me and @ZacEfron, He is a wonderful actor and a friend that is IT. The sex scene was not real and I would like to remind everyone that I am married with a family of my own and would not want to mess that up for anything, so please keep negative and/or inappropriate comments about the scene to yourself, THANKS" Hmm that had us scratching our heads but someone must've thought a certain way about that scene even though we honestly felt it wasn't even important to blog about because we knew that before she posted that statement but cant blame her for being cautious. Shontelle also posted a statement today on her Twitter account which reads "Me and @Nini have resolved any differences and I am happy to report it was all a misunderstanding and that is my girl so no cat fight for y'all lmao" No more beef guys, we're happy for them I'm pretty sure they can make beautiful music together. Well that's our story for today be sure to stay tuned for more updates soon!.

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