Friday, March 23, 2012

Is Nini With The Illuminati???? Oh Say It Aint So!!!!!

Recently Our girl nini has been the subject of illuminati rumors. For all those who may not be aware the illuminati is a powerful decieving group of cult devil worshipers who use hypnotic mind control on celebrities and incorporate thier 666 images in music and videos as well as Tv shows movies cartoons money etc and uses the industry and all whos apart of it as thier "PUPPETS" It is claimed that in order to obtain a certain level of fame you must sign your soul over to the devil himself and will be responsibe for including illuminati images in your videos and satanic messages when songs are played in reverse NOT COOL!! Anyway, news recentrly came across our desk that NINI MAY BE ILLUMINATI! OH NO!! The rumors come after a recent concert where she put on a amazing performance but towards the end she had special effects to make it appear as if her eyes were bright red oooooohhhh! This wouldnt be the first time she has been mixed up in these rumors back in 2011 near the end of the year she was performing with Beyonce and Beyonce was spotted wearing a ring with the baphomet (devil) head on it. What do you think is NINI Illuminati or a victim??? We think shes a victim "wrong place wrong time"
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