Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fan Asks Bizzare Question And FIRE Collab!

This afternoon Nini was responding to fans' questions via 2 way video chat with fans on the street during an interview with king magazine. She answered a total of 15 questions by 15 different people, the questions ranged from "Whats your favorite birthday gift? to "Whens your next album coming?" to What do you do for fun besides music?" But one question in particular by the last fan was really bizarre where he asked "Do you do anal sex?" In which after a brief pause by Nini she replied "Yes, I do it all the time with my husband and laughs and no more questions happen after that. You can see the look on the interviewers face that she even felt that was a bizarre question to ask on national television but Nini didn't seem too bothered by it she shrugged it off with a laugh and moved on showing that she is in fact in control. WOW! In other news Nini and Kelly Clarkson have officially teamed up and released a song together titled "Number 1" and the song is on FIRE! I will post it up here later tonight. We always knew it would be a nice song if they ever collabed and we were dead RIGHT! It has an R&B feel to it but it screams Hip-Hop all over it and even Kelly joined the action and had a small rap in the middle its an AMAZING song by two AMAZING performers! Be sure to check back later to hear the song if you haven't already.

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