Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nini Does Interview On Hot 97 In New York.

This evening Nini was an honorary guest on the #1 Hip-Hop and R&B station in America Hot 97. She was interviewed by radio host Angie Martinez and DJ Envy, where she talked about a little bit of everything from when her new album will be released to her next show dates and about her clothing line. She also had fans call her up and ask her questions related to what she is currently working on in the musical aspects of her life. She spoke of her relationship with God and her relationship with the Young Money Family and has put rumors to rest that she is dating Chris Brown saying "We are actually just really good friends, I actually look at him as a brother but its nothing deeper than that. She also slammed down rumors of a so called female beef between herself and Nicki Minaj saying "Nicki's my girl, and she knows it and I'm pretty sure she knows the difference between a rumor and the truth and that's all that matters. She also slammed down Illuminati Rumors that have been circulating ever since early 2011 saying "Alot of people look at me do things and see my album cover with one eye covered or with me in front of a cross and immediately think something suspicious about it but its not its just art, its entertainment, I mean everyone does it I guess every one's a devil worshipper does that even make sense? No I'm not Illuminati never have been never will be, I'm an entertainer and at the end of the day I entertain but that's all, so all the conspiracy theories can be put to rest now". The whole interview lasted approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes and they played two of her new songs from her new mixtape "I Apologize" and talked about her collaborations with the artists on the album. She was asked "Are you and the OMG girlz going on tour together"? And she responds and says "No, they have their own tour with each other they represent hard for PSR and i have alot of respect for them but I don't see a collab tour for us happening anytime soon because I'm still on tour with Beyonce and that's not over until next year". She talked about Her artists Kelly Clarkson and Leaked information on her new album which is set to be released on August 24Th 2012 and Jada Fire whose album is scheduled to be released June 15Th 2012. She also confirmed that Beyonce is in fact NOT going to be the next artist signed to her label as blogs suggest because she has a contract which is not up yet with Columbia Records. At the end of the interview she did a traditional freestyle that all artists that appear on that radio station do, she freestyled over Beyonce's Run The World Instrumental and had a very good 5 Minute freestyle. To check out the entire interview with Nini head over to and check it out there, I cant post it here due to the station claiming a copyright infringement. Did you like the interview?

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