Thursday, April 19, 2012

"The House" and "I Apologize" Review Today

Hey all, today i copped Nini's new mixtape "I Apologize" and I must say she has definitely no reason to apologize because with songs like that we all see why she kept delaying the release of it, so she can perfect her craft. The mixtape has 12 full length songs on it and all songs are good but our favorites were #4 "Get Like Me" Ft Lyfe, #7 "No Access" Ft David Banner and #9 "California Dream Life" Ft Shanelle. There is a mix between R&B, Rap, Pop, And Hip-Hop on the mixtape and it has a very nice laid back mellow feel to it, we also enjoyed #12 "Kick Rocks" Ft Monica and #1 "Certified" Ft Lil Wayne although we feel the song would've sounded much better without his auto tuning singing but that's just our opinion. The entire mixtape is very nice and all the songs are a nice touch to her artistic vi son and style, so was it worth the wait?.......we say YES. Congrats to Nini the mixtape has reached number 1 on the charts on its first day. Now onto her movie "The House" we caught a special screening of an early premiere today and we must say the acting is brilliant and has a nice selection of cast members. The film stars Ali Larter (Obsessed) as Patricia Nini's Pharmacologist, Taye Diggs (Brown Sugar) as Danny her brother, Sanna Lathan (Love And Basketball) as Monique, the real estate agent and Thora Birch (Deadline) as Jennifer, her best friend as well as Zac Efron (High School Musical) as Joe, Her Boyfriend. The film is about a woman (Nini) who's a writer who recently suffered a severe mental breakdown after her mom died (played only in a flashback at the beginning played by Evelyn Braxton) and moves into a creepy old house in the suburbs in western Ohio to concentrate on her work that she's preparing. Against everyone's wishes she moves into the house to escape city life and have a quiet place to study and work. However her plans do not go as planned when she begins to suspect her new home may be haunted (a fact that "Monique failed to tell her) The movie is VERY scary and will scare even the most hardest criminal due to the special effects of ghostly moans and ghostly women and demons all throughout the house. But its brilliantly put together and is not your typical horror film. The film received an R rating by the Movie Association to a scene where "Patricia" (Ali Larter) is snorting Cocaine and drinking heavily after being fired from her job. Another scene which shows "Danny" (Taye Diggs) masturbating in a bathroom and a scene in which "Monica" (Nini) and "Joe" (Zac Efron) are in a steamy sex scene with some nudity by none from Nini only Zak and later rolling marijuana and smoking it as they lay next to each other. Shortly after a ghostly figure enters to room, possesses "Joe" and has him jump to his death from a 3 story window onto the pointy gates below where they pierce through his neck killing him instantly (This scene is Very Very Very graphic be warned!) At the end Nini and her friend "Jennifer" (Thora Birch) dies in flames set by one of the "spirits" The movie is very good and very scary and has many shocking make you jump type moments and some very scary sounds that the "ghosts" make that will make your hair stand up, we rate it a 10 A+ and we Dare you to go check it out! Did you see the premiere? What did you think? Scary? No? Post your comments below.

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