Sunday, January 19, 2014

Toya Wakes Up!! But Falls Back Out

Toya has woken up today for exactly 1 hour and the minute she woke up the police were the first on the scene and they quickly asked her "Who did this to you Latoya" and very weak reply was "Nisha" 5 minutes after she said that she slipped back into a coma and despite trying to get her to wake up again she wouldn't. Police went to question NiNi again and they asked her why she would say her name out of all people, NiNi said she didn't know but assumed it was because they are having little problems so its just to implicate her in something she has no business being implicated in. Although police confirmed that NiNi wasn't responsible for Nivea since she was in LA with her girls they haven't determined if she is responsible for Toya or Guyana, and by legal right a person who is named in a crime that's considered very dangerous to the public AND who is on probation can be taken in or questioning with or without a lawyer, and that's exactly what happened, being that NiNi was named a suspect by the victim, the police took her in handcuffs out of PSR and that's all we know right now but she hasn't come out yet. Toya's family however is beyond pissed, check out this statement that her mom made earlier today "My baby is laying in the hospital, suffering all kinds of injuries while she is able to count her money spend her money take trips and live ghetto fabulous, don't have a care in the world despite the fact that she damn near killed my baby, but you know what nothing wont go down, no justice or law will ever come to her, its so many people's families she has hurt by hurting or even murdering a loved one, I don't understand why a murderer is still allowed to run a record label and be around other innocent people, but I guess because she is royal all is forgiven its just not fair" Sources say her older sister and a few of her cousins had some nasty words for NiNi also but those statements weren't published. Ye with his crazy rants took up for his niece and he made statement towards Toya's mom over an hour after she did and this is what he said "She don't know any damn thing but she keep talking shit I will smack her false teeth out her mouth you know that bitch ain't got no damn teeth or hair and please print that and yes you can put Ye said it and if any of her fam want it they can get it so whats good with it" Her mom made another statement simply saying "That's what kind of family she comes from so I cant expect any civilization from them just so disrespectful" NiNi o course made fun of it like always by posting a video on Youtube dressed as an old woman with fake teeth talking like an old woman and at the end the teeth fell out and she screamed "Dagnammit NiNi this all your fault you bitch" its actually very hilarious and NiNi is very funny. Her mom didn't respond to the video but 600 million people have viewed it so far and everyone is on her side with comments such as "Fuck her mom tell her to go dig a grave and bury herself damn ain't she like 4000 years old let your dumb ass daughters fight her own battles" or "That Lady NEED TO GO POP SOME XANAX OR SOMETHING AND DIE" So bigger battle going on stay tuned for more info!

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