Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kelly Rowland And Nicki Beef

WELL RIGHT After we thought that all the beefs were over we have another one and this time it's between Kelly and Nicki . This started because Last week Nicki Attended a show by Jay Z and he had his security guard throw her off stage when she tried to go on stage with him as if he didn't know her even though they both worked together many times before. After that Nicki began taking smalls shots at him in her interviews and her songs saying she can take him and he's very cocky and he thinks is all about him. But Kelly spoke up he said he's like a brother to me I know she's on the same label with me but he still is a newcomer in away and she needs to show respect for people that did it longer than her you just don't do that it's only going to make her look bad not him" Nicki immediately responded on a freestyle called Watch Your Mouth" where she has a few lines directed at Kelly such as "Get off his dick I can bet a couple  mil that you wanna be his bitch you lil dusty ass bitch" and another line where she calls her a destiny child reject and told her to get off of Beyonces pussy and get her own. Kelly hasnt responded yet but we are sure we will hear much more of this since they are onl the same label. Sources say Kelly has heard her diss and words about her but she is not responding since she thinks Nicki is childish. Many fans are murdering Kelly saying she should've stayed out of it just like RI RI and saying many hurtful things about her and sources say the fans made her cry but this is unconfirmed. Stay tuned for more Info


johnny1 said...

Kelly get outta here u kno ur face can't win Nicki will eat u for breakfast n lunch gtfoh

johnny1 said...

More immature bullshit

johnny1 said...

Kelly just back off n stop sweetie I love u but Nicki will kill u 20 times