Thursday, January 23, 2014

Miss Tiff Renews PSR Contract + Controversey With NiNi'S Buddy Kyla Pratt

Today, PSR re opened and the first order of business was Tiffany Evans renewing her contract. She is now eligible for longer time more albums and of course more money and she renewed her contract for an extra 4 years 4 albums and 3 mixtapes, it is unknown the amount that she is getting now. Speaking of Tiffany, she has been doing very well lately with her music and its said that she will be starring in a new movie a little later this year. Jhene Aiko also has been doing very well and sources say she is gearing up to release her 2nd PSR album sometime in March so that should be very exciting. In other news, today some drama popped off with Kyla Pratt as a news story ran a print on how Kyla said she had sex with NiNi. This is what the article claimed she said "Me and Nisha go way back and when most people say that they mean oh we grew up together or something like that, I guess you can kind of say that although I didn't meet her until I was 16, but its more then that we used to do a lot together including sleep with each other she was actually my first, but I have so much love and respect for that woman, that's old news now but if It was to pop off again I wouldn't stop it" Immediatley afterwards of course the fans and the industry became flooded with questions for NiNi, but a little while after that, sources revealed that Kyla is suing the tabloid who printed the story for using her name first of all without permission and she claims that the interview never happened.  Here's what she said "I did not grant access to any interview I haven't done any interviews about anything or anyone in the past 2 years, its a complete work of fiction and I defenitley will be handling this problem" When she was asked by a reporter if she in fact really ever did have relations with NiNi her reply was "I really don't think that's anyone's business but my own if it did go down like that but for the sake of argument and to have you people leave her alone, no we did not, she is a wonderful person and a talented musician and she is my friend that's all it is" Still even after that statement some people still feel she is lying just to cover up what happened as she doesn't want any extra attention about it, but her lawyer spoke up too saying "Its a sick story and miss Pratt has every right to take legal action against the people who thought this up and I have advised her to do so and she will that's all the comment I have but its false plain and simple" *UPDATE* The tabloid who ran the story was Bergen Press who is largely responsible for ruining Michael Jackson's career with all of the nasty things and rumors they said about him, this magazine company is known for lying and hurting and doing pretty much anything to anyone just to get a story going, and after some research it has been revealed that Kyla is right she hasn't done an interview within 2 years and even If she did she would never do one with the Bergen press I don't think anyone will unless they are seriously desperate for attention, this story has been determined to be fake and the head guy from the magazine made this statement over his website "Bunch of pussies, its just a story its for fun, no one got hurt or killed behind it so come on let it go" He has been criticized by fans and industry insiders for his comments and his actions. Stay tuned for more info!


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nini u should fuck that guy up or get ur man to do it lol

johnny1 said...

I hate them people they always doing dumb shit