Sunday, January 26, 2014

KC Is Back AT PSR! + New York Radios Apologize To NiNi

Today highly controversial artist Keyshia Cole re signed with PSR after being gone for 12 months exactly. After leaving PSR she signed with Columbia Records but was quickly let go as she has a severe problem with EX Destinies Child Artist Michelle Williams who still is signed there. Then she eventually settled with J records where she has remained for the past 6 months. But sources say that she received call from NiNi asking to her to come back and she quickly signed herself out of J and into PSR where she signed a 3 year 3 album deal. Her fans are happy with the home change as many of them have been wanting to see her back since she left. KC denied any comments on returning back to her new home, and she was unavailable for any interviews, but according to sources she is working on new material that we should be hearing soon. In other news, The other day we reported that NiNi's two newly released songs received heavy edits in New York only and after a very angry comment from hollywood, and talks of a new coastal war, the radio stations have finally issued an apology check out what one had to say "We are far from prejudiced when it comes to music, whether it be from east west south Midwest north it doesn't matter good music is good music and we would like to apologize to NiNi her fan base and anyone else we may have offended clearly it was a misjudgement on our part" No word yet if NiNi has accepted the apologies or not.....

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