Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fan Smacks NiNi's Butt She Is Not Happy + Did Justin Get Roughed Up By Eminem?

NiNi was at a show today in Memphis Tennessee and during the performance she went to the crowd to pose for the cell phone pics and let them touch her hand and she squatted down to let some people use the mic and sing the song with her and when she got up a male fan smacked her butt and she stopped the music and she said "Hey I don't know who the hell just did that but I made it very clear I don't like to be disrespected don't make me stop this fucking show" It was caught on video by a fans cell phone camera click here to check out the entire thing. She didn't cancel the rest of the show but she did give a warning that if it happens again the show is over, and it didn't happen anymore. By the way click here to check out this gorgeous selfie that a fan took when NiNi leaned in close to her and got in the shot. In other news, a rumor is going around that NiNi's controversial artist Justin Beiber tried to spit game at her and after she denied him he got physical and tried to grab her butt and boobs and Eminem stepped in and he had to show beiber how to respect a lady and he made Beiber apologize to her which he did. This story is all over the place but we really don't know If its true or not but we will let you guys know. NiNi has another show tonight in Nashville Tennessee lets hope its no more butt smacking! give you guys the pics and info on it tomorrow peace~!!  *UPDATE* The rumor about Eminem roughing up Beiber over disrespecting NiNi is false,completely made up just to generate a story. Beiber himself made this statement "NiNi is my friend my boss my inspiration like dude I would never fuck with her in that way she's married I don't disrespect married women I wouldn't want anyone doing that to me, and also nobody can rough me up regardless, just saying. So no truth  there guys!

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