Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nini Announces New Album + Katy And Cymphonique Get Suspended

Today NINI announced her 7th album and she said its called "Number 1" which we feel is appropriate for her status. This is The album that will be competing with miss Marie in February. She gave the release date as February 12th which is exactly the same day as miss Marie's album is coming out so we have two great albums coming in less then a month but we only one can win. Who will it be? Well according to a tmz poll 75% of fans say. Nini will win the other 25% say miss Marie might win so I guess it all comes down to seeing for ourselves. Stay tuned in for more info on this infamous battle coming up.  In other news. Nini warned Katy and cymphonique that if they continued acting like children they will be suspended because she is sick of the psr females and they listened for a while but today they had another fist fight in Atlanta which started as an argument on twitter. When nini got word of it she immediately suspended  them both. Different sources say different lengths. One source says they've been suspended for 3 months others say for 6 months but we still don't actually know how long the two women got until someone confirms it. Keep checking back and we'll let you know more when  we know!


johnny1 said...

Damn nini I can't wait till ur album I kno ur album gonna win t Marie is dope af but she ain't doper then u period. Good luck ma

johnny1 said...

That's what they ass get they wanna act like children they get treated like children

johnny1 said...

Just b quiet ur not a child just because ur beefing with someone or fighting