Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Elle Varner Gets In Trouble By NiNi

Seems as If every other week, someone at PSR is fighting beefing with each other or getting in trouble by the boss. Elle's husband or fiancé whatever he is (no offense) decided to stop by the label even though sources say he wasn't supposed to as NiNi has a major problem with him, and he bought their 2 year old daughter and Miss Varner took an unauthorized leave to go hit the diner with them and spend time with them and she was gone almost 2 hours before returning to work, but although she tried to sneak back in, guess who was waiting for her, the boss! NiNi was gone at first which is probably why she figured she can get away with it but it just so happens that she stopped in to see how everyone was doing and she discovered that Elle wasn't there. When she came back NiNi confronted her and asked her why she left without permission and why would she allow that man to come in. Tina is absent today which is another reason why he got in because she wouldn't have let him get in. Elle apologized and told her she just wanted to spend time with her daughter, but NiNi didn't care and her point was don't just leave without permission and she decided to embarrass the hell out of her and she actually sent  the security camera footage of Elle tiptoeing throughout the label trying to not make a sound as she was headed out the door and when she came back in she was trying to be extra quiet To YouTube and NiNi feels if she had to act like that she knew she was doing something wrong. The headline says "to everybody this is what not  to do when you're working" She told her since you wanted to get out so much go leave and she suspended her the rest of the day without pay. Once word got to Elle that she sent that video public she posted this on FB "OMG That is so embarrassing @NINI why would you do that to me?" NiNi responded to her saying "Excuse me what did you say to me? Elle didn't write back. The video has gained over 1 million viewers and literally everyone is laughing at her but a few people have told her to keep her head up its OK. Click here to check out the security footage of Elle sneaking out of PSR with her man. Speaking of Elle in a more positive note, she is about to release her 3rd PSR album in the next few weeks. We aren't sure of the title yet, but be on the lookout!

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