Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Brandy NiNi Collabo + Macklamore Says He Would Honored To Work With Or Join PSR

Today, just as Brandy said a new song dropped by her Ft the queen called "The Way I Move' Its a hard hitting club song which really can make you get out your seat and dance and its considered dance hip hop and the beat is amazingly fresh and dope produced by the best DJ in the world, Miss Solo. Brandy sounds nice with some sing rapping and NiNi is on the hook and gives it a better touch with her sometime twisty Eminem like word play and she does a great job as well, and we can imagine it will be much sexy dancing if they make a video or perform it on stage it just has that vibe that even the toughest person has to rock to. The song is receiving generally positive reviews from everyone and already is receiving radio play. We give the song points for originality swag and lyricism. Click here to check out "The Way I Move" by Brandy Ft NiNi. In other news, K. Michelle has been super super quiet, so quiet we forgot she was with PSR, in fact out of every PSR artist she is the only one we have been hearing absolutely nothing from or about, but just like Miranda today she resurfaced with a freestyle, over NiNi's "Ciroc and Kush" beat and she kills it and definitely turned back on her shining bright star, her vocals are right on point and at the end she tells us don't forget about me I'm back" It is not known why K. Michelle has been so quiet lately but that's no more as right after her bomb freestyle dropped she announced she is doing a solo world tour starting February 1st starting in New Jersey and will stretch over 35 states within 7 months and tickets go on sale 7am tomorrow morning as well as her 2nd PSR album which she said is called "You Know" will be dropping on her birthday February 20th and she promised us that if anyone forgot about her we will remember her for the rest of their life with this new album, sounds real confident and we are looking forward to her tour and her new album. Click here to check out K. Michelle's "Ciroc and Kush" Freestyle. Also Macklamore has stated today an in interview that he wants to work with PSR and he would be honored to work with them and maybe even sign with them if given the opportunity, click here to check out his interview....P.S Keyshia Cole resigned with PSR a couple days ago and already she has released her 1st come back song which is appropriately titled "Welcome Back" which features her once enemy Kat, very very dope song and believe it or not it has stolen the number 1 spot which was NiNi's" Take Me" which is the first song to do that in over 7 months, so miss NiNi will have to get her spot back and we are sure she will!. Click here to checkout "Welcome Back" by K.C Ft Kat

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