Friday, January 31, 2014

Nicki KC And Ashanti Is On NiNi's Side

As you guys know the famous album battle between NiNi and Teiarra Marie starts tonight at midnight and people are beginning to speak up on who they feel might win due to all the camera men and women going around asking everyone their opinion. Today Ashanti spoke up and said "I don't know I mean Teiarra is my girl she's very talented but like I told her I think she is a little out her league on this one, I respect her for thinking she can you're always supposed to have mega confidence no matter what so that's good, but for the past 2 years everyone at PSR has been trying to beat the boss with album sales and none of us was successful whatsoever its like she's a magician or something you go up against her she will make you lose, but regardless I respect Teiarra because it takes guts to do this and she will have my everlasting respect forever win or lose just the fact that she volunteered to do what so many other failed at" Nicki said "I think NiNi will win only because she has never been beaten in 6 years and I don't see why that would change now once she gets in her creative mode its no stopping her at all and she has been in this creative mode for the longest and I think she has some mega tricks to reveal to us to help her win this battle but regardless my respect will forever be with Teiarra because she has balls (laughs) and KC commented as well saying "Teiarra is a monster with her vocals shes a mega dope producer and she is just so professional I look at her as one of my good friends, but I gotta say I think NINI will take home the trophy on this one though" They aren't the only ones, many other artists on other labels and even fans have expressed that they  think NiNi will win so Miss Marie is the underdog right now but she is aware that everyone thinks that NiNi will win as she posted this simple message to fans on FB "I'll show you guys who's the underdog" Don't forget to look out for this battle popping of tonight at midnight I will be giving you guys coverage on both of the albums as well as the stats of the battle!

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