Sunday, January 26, 2014

The OMG Girlz Get Their Own Imprint Label!

Today sources revealed that the OMG Girlz are the first artists on PSR to get their own imprint label, if you don't know what that is its similar to Chris Brown's CBE ENT label, Trina's FlyGirl Records and many others. An imprint is not a building like Universal, PSR, Columbia or Capitol it means that the OMG Girlz can run their own label but they still have a parent label which of course is PSR. Lil Wayne's Young Money Records started as an imprint but he was still obligated to Universal, but after time and hard work he was able to get his building and turn it into his own label. So at this time the OMG Girlz can run something on their own but they still have to work inside of PSR and work for the boss but they will have their own floor dedicated only to them  for record label business and they also are able to sign artists but they can only sign artists to their imprint not to PSR, if they want to sign artists to PSR they have to go through NiNi first, but on an imprint they are able to sign 10 artists on their own without any permission any artists after 10 has to get permission from NiNi. They maintain complete control over their imprint and they are in charge of all marketing promotion sales and distribution of the artists and material they add. If they work hard and are interested in turning their imprint label into an official building they can accomplish that in a few years and at that time they can choose to still have their official label to be linked with PSR which is called a parent label, or they can choose to spread away and set up their own branches and be a major all by themselves, but for now they have a lot more responsibility they will bosses of the artists they sign but NiNi still will be the boss of them and whoever they sign which means regardless they all have to report to her at one time or another but their artists will report to them more. Others are said to be getting their own imprint soon as well, but we don't know who or when. Their imprint is said to be called "Officially Misguided Records" which is what the OMG stands for in their name, congrats to the OMG Girlz!

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