Saturday, October 26, 2013

Zendaya Is Right To Work + NiNi Is Making A Movie!

Zendaya Coleman was signed to PSR less then 2 days ago and already she has released her first single off the label titled "Tell The DJ" Which features fellow Disney star and singer CoCo Jones. Its a pretty cool song and its for the clubs or parties and so far its receiving positive reviews. Out of all of the new PSR artists she is the only one who released a song within a day and a half of being signed the closest was Ariana and Victoria who released songs a little over a week after being signed, so Zendaya is doing pretty well for herself, she still has a long way to go before she is big like she wants to be but her music and her determination should get her there. Click here to check out "Tell The DJ" By Zendaya Ft CoCo Jones! In other news, NiNi's song OG Ft Dr Dre continues to blow up in the streets and in the music game and NiNi has announced that a video will be made for it and Dre also confirmed that over Twitter. She also mentioned the movie that everyone is going so crazy about and she confirmed that she is in fact making a new movie but that's all she is saying, no title no dates no characters no more info whatsoever so we have no clue on anything beyond that, but at least  you guys do know the rumors are true and people are literally waiting patiently to see this movie. Her  last movie blew up and is still huge, so people really would like to see what she will do next, but her  lips are sealed, so as usual guys we just have to wait and see! If we hear any more info about this movie we will let you guys know! Also the OMG Girlz reunited a little over a month ago and they have gotten bigger and stronger then they were before,  seems like a little separation is all they needed and they released a new song titled "Ballin" Ft Lil Wayne and Asia Sparks click here to check it out!

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