Monday, October 21, 2013

Ke$ha Announces Engagement To Big Sean!

What a sweet day! Ke$ha and Big Sean have been seen together on many occasions dating back to 2008 when they both were spotted in Ke$ha's hometown of Santa Monica CA, but they did a great job of playing the friend card and they didn't make their relationship public until early August of this year, which Ke$ha did by Tweeting about it saying "I've been dating Sean since 08, and I love him and he loves me" and today she confirmed that she and Sean are engaged posting 'He gave me the biggest ring I've ever seen, we are officially engaged, when he asked me my heart dropped, despite all the women that's in and out of his life because of his job, I now know I'm the one he really wants" She didn't announce when they may be getting married, but we are happy for them and we would like to say good luck and congratulations to them both. Speaking of marriages, Mr. West and Kim K are back on, despite the fact that he cheated on her and got Rihanna pregnant Kim says that he wrote her a 1000 page apology letter and said he really loves her and wants to be in her and the babies life, and after some crying she decided to give him another chance since she still really loves him, and she says he is doing even better then before and he is catering to her more then ever but she also said that if he ever messes up again even in the smallest way its definitely over, so congrats also to Ye and Kim! NiNi is still off work but she made an appearance in Soho this afternoon where she was spotted going into a Fridays restaurant and ordering takeout food. She was heavily packed with bodyguards so no camera was able to get to her at all and she got into her limo and pulled off with two bags of food. NiNi is also said to be making an appearance in Savannah GA for an autograph signing between 6 and 7 but that hasn't been confirmed as of yet, but if so make sure you guys get your autographs!