Friday, October 11, 2013

New Song Releases + Is Alicia Taking Shots

Sorry guys the site crashed a couple days ago, and now I have It back up and running just like I always do. So today a new song released which is the first single off of NiN's new mixtape called "Brand New' which features Mikky Ekko and Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child. The song is R&B but NiNi raps on it just not a hardcore type rap, it reminds you of how Chingy rapped his verse on Pulling Me Back Ft Tyrese, the other 2 sing. The song has received MOSTLY positive reviews and I say mostly because everyone keeps asking why does she keep working with Michelle as they feel its ruining her songs, and many say the song would've been perfect if it was just her and Mikky, others say its just fine the way it is. The general score the song has been receiving so far is a 6 which is not bad but its not what her new songs usually get, in fact NiNi has never had a 6 since she came out, and many people insists its only because Michelle ruined a perfect 10. We like the song and the only problems we hear Is Michelle's verse sounds unmixed which may be the cause, but surprisingly she doesn't actually sound bad its just her audio vocals need to be mixed to have it sound professional, other then that we would at least give the song a 8.5, but that's our opinion that no one seems to agree with. Have you guys heard it? Click here to check it out. This is just one song from her highly anticipated new mixtape, she informed us that 3 more singles will be releasing before the mixtape drops, so stay on lookout for that. In other news, a couple of days ago, A Keys was released from the hospital and the moment she came out people began speaking of a beef, but there was no proof, then last night something came that people are calling proof, which is the first ever rap song by her titled "Out My Face" She doesn't actually rap, but the beat is hardcore rap, which we are told is produced by Swizz Beats which has many people saying he's also involved. In the beginning she is heard talking over the beat in the background saying "I'm not scared to fight I'm not scared to get beat up either I've been fighting all my life come on I'm from Brooklyn I stayed getting into fights but whats still true now that was true when I was growing up Is that chicks these days don't fight fair and that's why they win. She said this before she started sing rapping and many people feel that goes out to NiNi. Then at the end of the first verse she says "I don't want to be you keep your crown mama, that's why you asked me and I had to turn you down mama. Its known that early last year NiNi wanted Alicia at PSR and Alicia turned her down saying she actually is very comfortable at Columbia/Jive Records and many people feel that's what she means when she says that line. Then in the last verse she says "The whole industry looks up to you, maybe I did to, but that was before I knew you now I wouldn't even look at you' No its not definite proof but it has something started and if Alicia is not intending to beef, she sure isn't correcting anybody that this is a diss song to NiNi. Do you guys feel Alicia is taking shots at NiNi on this new song?