Friday, October 18, 2013

Solange Announces Her New Album + PSR Album

In my last post I was mentioning a couple of the artists who are really blowing up since they been with PSR this is another one. Solo has always been famous, I mean just being related to the Knowles fam can make you famous, but she always had a name for herself, she was an actress, a singer and part owner of the famous house of Dereon, but Solo fell off for a while and went to Dj'ing to keep her money flowing, but a little while ago she signed with PSR and now her DJ'ING is no longer necessary because she is huger now then she has ever been! Everyone is talking about Solo and they want to see her perform asap. Her singing skills have also improved too and now we see she is really talented just like her sister, and now she is no longer called the younger one which followed her her whole life, she is now called simply "Solo" In fact she is almost up there with her sister, so when she announced that she is releasing an album the public and the media went nuts. She announced it over twitter saying "Hey guys, my new album is coming November 24th called "Don't Give Up" I really had a great time recording it and I worked with some really talented artists and producers I just hope you guys love it as much as I do" After that statement her soon to be released album became the highly anticipated album of the month, but that's not all she announced, she also mentioned that PSR album that we've been waiting on forever. Sources say its similar to Young Money's "We Are Young Money" album where every Young Money Artist was on it and this PSR album is titled "Platinum Sounds" and it features every single PSR artist even the late Jade (RIP), and even old PSR artists who are no longer with the label. I have better news though, its coming TOMORROW! She said "I know you guys have been waiting for the label album well your waiting is OVER its coming TOMORROW! Its 54 songs that's a lot of damn songs lol, and its from everyone on the label myself included so you know that's gonna be dope, its about 6 hours long so hope you have time to get through it all its really some amazing shit on that album even songs you never heard before yay!" So we officially can not WAIT for this PSR album tomorrow and we are sure that it will do at least 100 times better then the Young Money album, I will give you a full review tomorrow on it so stay tuned for more info on that!