Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nini Set To Headline M.I.A Festival + Miley Shows Some Serious Label Loyalty

Every year the Made In America music festival takes place in Philly for an entire weekend and the biggest names of the entertainment industry are in attendance and this year is said to be even bigger then last year. It starts this Friday and continues until Sunday Night. Last year Nini performed at the festival with Katy and Diamond with their still popular song "Boss Bitches" but she didn't stay long but this year its said that not only is she performing there she's the headliner aka the host which is usually Jay Z. Some names who will be there include Bon Jovi Bruce Springsteen Lil Wayne Beyonce Solange Nini Alicia Keys Mariah Carey and all of PSR and the royal circle.  Nini is said to be performing the entire weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday which of course is awesome. The greatest thing about the MIA festival besides the big names and food and drinks and fun is that it's totally free. But free comes at a price being that it usually sells out faster then it gets announced but if any of you guys are going to be in or around Philly this weekend why not stop there and have a blast just make sure you get those tickets now because I can guarantee you  later on their won't be anymore. We're going as well so we will let you guys know the details. Speaking of details I promised you guys details on the show last night well even better then the details is video which I have 3 hours worth of queen hotness click here. Enjoy!  In other news today Miley Cyrus showed some loyalty as she stepped out with PSR head to toe literally. She had a spray painted hat that said PSR with a crown on top and diamonds around it. She had a white wife beater with Platinum Sound Records spray painted on it with a PSR chain. Her jeans had PsR airbrushed on it from top to bottom she was showing off her PSR tat and she had on white air Jordans with PSR airbrushed all over it. Despite how this may sound she didnt look weird she actually looked very cute and everybody wanted a picture and she was praised for her loyalty. She's not the only one who did that though last month Miranda showed off her loyalty by getting her second tattoo filmed for her fans which is the famous PSr logo with a crown in it. Nini also occasionally fills herself from head to toe with PSR and its a cute fashion trend. Being that everyone on the label except for ann Margaret has a PSR tattoo it can be said that all of her artist's are loyal which is always good. Click here to check how Miley looked today.

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