Monday, October 14, 2013

Its Obvious That Alicia's New Song Was For NiNi

Today, the paparazzi finally caught up to Alicia Keys to talk to her about her new song that was released last week and the camera woman said to her "Alicia your new song is wonderful, but it has many people thinking that you're taking shots at NiNI" Her reply was "SO" The camera women asked "So does that mean the song is directed at NiNi" She replied "Maybe" and she said so you actually have a problem with the queen? "She replied "Lady stop calling her that its only one of them and its my girl Beyonce, cant no one else call themselves a queen, no matter what"  and then she walked away. So it definitely seems as if its major tension between these two. Alicia has a limp when she walks and its noticeable but she tries to hide it, but she seems to be doing OK although despite all the make up she is wearing to cover it up she still has bumps and bruises on her face. NiNi has not responded to Alicia's statement as of yet. Speaking of NiNi and Alicia they recorded a new song together that was supposed to be on her new upcoming mixtape, but sources say NiNi has deleted the collab with Alicia and will replace it with another song,  which sucks since the two work so well together, but the collab between NiNi and Alicia is no more, sorry guys, I know how much most of you were looking forward to that. In other news, NiNi has made a book about her life, that is due for release one day before her mixtape which will be November 12th. SOURCES say that its sort of an biography but much more on her personal life which everyone is looking forward to, so be on the lookout for that on the 12th a day before her new mixtape drops. P.S Katy Perry has  a new song out which is the first single from her new album due on her birthday October 25th called "Eye Of The Tiger" click here to check it out, it has stolen the number 1 spot and beat out NiNi and Taylah P's new song. Its brilliant Once again, click here to check it out!

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