Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NiNi Gets Released!

Having friends in very high royal places definitely can pay off in tough spots. Let this be a lesson to you, the next time NiNi has one of her legendary parties and invites fans instead of trying to touch them and get their autographs, I would suggest trying to be their friend especially the royal ones if you can. Anyways, today NiNi was released from prison with a suspended sentence with her probation increased to 15 years. How? Well its all thanks to NiNi's queen buddy, who used her royal powers to actually get her out. Its a very big mystery on how she got her out of jail being the judge already ruled that she was supposed to be in there for no more no less then 2 years, and the conspiracy theories have started mainly with people saying that B is Illuminati and that's how she was able to get  her out, others say she had to have sex with a few cops to get her out. Those reasons sound  ridiculous but we honestly truly don't know how or what she actually did. NiNi was released at 11am this morning and B and her bodyguards shielded her as she walked out of the jailhouse past hundreds of paparazzi that were waiting. B refused to answer any questions about what she did to get her out and NiNi has refused comments as well so we may never know, but the main important thing is that the queen is out but as mentioned, she is now on probation for 15 years. She did not go to work, and we honestly don't know when she is returning to work. When we find out more we will let you know more. Nini has refused any comments even to us, so we will keep trying. In other news Vanessa Hugens has released her 3rd PSR mixtape titled "Rock Wit Me" we really dig her mixtape and we are sure you will too. Its available for FREE on her website and the PSR website. Click here to purchase "Rock With Me"

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