Thursday, October 24, 2013

"OG" Blows Away Everything

Lately we've been hearing that a new song which will be the 3rd single off of NiNi's new mixtape will be coming soon and today the rumors were confirmed to be true with a brand new song,  and its a bomb California song called "OG" and it features the legendary doctor,  DR Dre. The song quickly hit the number 1 spot and wiped NiNi's previous number 1 song down the charts and all of her competition has been blown down the charts as well. We wouldn't say this is the best song ever released by NiNi, we feel that that's "Dream "Love, but this song is very close to the best. It has west coast themes all throughout the song with a sample of EZE with respect to Dre's hometown of Compton and samples of Warren G with respect to NiNi's hometown of Long Beach. It really is a great song and pure gangsta, which the title is very appropriate for. The song has been receiving very positive reviews and has been getting radio play on every radio station around  the word and its being requested everywhere as far as China for purchase, so NiNi is continuing to show us that she is right when she say her new BDAY mixtape will in fact be blowing all of her competition away. The song is not yet available for download or for purchase, but you can click here to check it out! We give the song a 1000 out of 10 yeah its that good! Once again click here to check out "OG" By NiNi Ft DR Dre. Also rumor is floating around that NiNi will be starring in a new movie, we don't have much details yet, but we are digging and when we find out more we will let you guys know!!

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