Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NiNi And Solo Killed It Last Night In Paris

The other Knowles was not in attendance as we are told she returned back to the US but NiNi and Solo took the stage at the Jon Paul Devere stadium last night in front of over 62,000 fans and murdered the show. They performed their hit song "Cold World" and many other fan favorite songs and they were beyond on point. The show lasted for over 2 hours and afterwards they had backstage signings and pictures. I managed to have my buddy get some video for you guys, click here to check it out Enjoy! In other news, NiNi is coming back to America November the 2nd and she and solo will rejoin her queen buddy in Kansas when she returns. She and Solo have a show tonight and we will get you details on that. As far as America goes, the PSR crew has just been hard at work while the boss is gone, no new songs or albums have released, but no drama has been happening either, in fact drama at PSR seems to be calming down a lot, we may be speaking too soon but that's how it is right now, so all we have to say about PSR at this point is they are doing a great job of being hard workers, we're sure the boss is proud of them. *UPDATE* Miley Cyrus has confirmed today that her new hip hop album "BANGERZ" will be released tomorrow, everyone is so excited including us as Miley has been getting way more popular, we will give you all the details tomorrow!

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