Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NiNi Responds To Alicia Keys

Today NiNi got around to speaking on Alicia and her disrespectful song and statement and she said "I don't care yo, I even apologized to that woman she still wants to act like a big baby so be it I don't kiss anyone's ass, but as I said many times I don't bang on wax anymore its up close and personal with a fight that's how I settle my beefs now, so if that's what she wants I'm down too, I already said I was sorry if that isn't good enough then fuck her too" The media is trying to start more drama as they grabbed Alicia and told her what NiNi said and she said "she sounds like a man, with the way she talks tell me what female do you hear talking like that these days, that's how men talk, that ain't lady like at all, it makes her look like a tomboy, anyway whatever that's all I have to say, and for the record I never knew she apologized but whatever" We aren't sure if this will turn into another one of NiNi's bloody beefs like she usually has, but fans are already taking sides instigating more trouble and most are on NiNi 's side, so guess we just have to see what happens when it happens, but if you want my opinion, I do think it will be at least one more fight and one more hospital visit before this is over, but we don't think its as bad as Princess, but we will see, that's all for now guys! *UPDATE* Rhianna has got into a huge argument with Kanye in front of hundreds of fans and she punched him after he called her a sneaky bitch and he looked like he was embarrassed and about to cry. We don't know what the fight was about but Ri Ri Doesn't look pregnant anymore and we think that's what its about but we'll do some digging and let you guys know!

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