Friday, October 18, 2013

China Aplogizies To India!

China is only 15 but she has showed us many times that she is very mature for her age and today was another one of those times. Despite the fact that her and India are not too friendly with each other,  she still stepped up in a mature way which is something that a lot of grown artists do not do and she apologized to her. Check out her Tweet from earlier "Last week, I had a fight with you, and I would like to apologize to you because it wasn't worth either of our time, we have to work at the same environment we shouldn't waste our time bickering at each other, we should use that extra energy where its really needed and that's towards our work, I don't hate you, and I don't want to do this anymore, so if you're willing to let it go and start it over I'm down too" India responded to her within 25 minutes posting "Thank you girl that really means a lot, sure I would love to get past all of this silly drama, Nisha is helping us a great deal and we should really show her where our energy can go, so I'm definitely down to kill this and start over ;)" Many people said that NiNi must have told China to apologize but NiNi has said that she had no influence whatsoever in her decision to apologize, she also mentioned that she is very proud of both of them for deciding to do the right thing and she says she wishes all of her artists were like that when it comes to beefing with one of their own. So are these two friends?, will we be hearing collabs?, we don't know how that will go, Demi and Rita had the same problem,  apologized and they collabed and are even going on tour together so anything is possible, but for now its just an apology so it is what it is at the moment. Speaking of China, today she has been voted the biggest most popular name under 18 in the game, and she is the only artist under 18 that's royal and apart of NiNi's super secret circle, so we feel we should congratulate her, so congratulations to China, and all this time she is still working with her Disney co stars on A.N.T Farm but she says she wants to focus more on her music and her Disney days will be over after this next season is over. Another young person who is blowing up is 14 year old PSR artist Ann Margaret who was signed to PSR a little over 2 months ago and already has released 3 mixtapes and at least 20 very successful songs. She is bringing the rock n roll scene back to life and she is being compared to rock and roll legend Avril Lavigne and she is even being called the female Elvis, so her time at PSR has really helped her quite well, and with a boss and mentor like NiNi its no wonder why her and everyone else over there at PSR is blowing up so huge, in fact NiNi may be training them too well, since some of them are starting to beat her, but you're only as good as your crew, so that's a good thing regardless! Congrats to Ann Margaret as well! In other news, its 2 rumors floating around the game. 1st is that Lady Gaga will be joining the queens in ATL for the next 3 days. She performed with them before and even NiNi had to admit she did super well, but we don't know if this is true or not. Second is NiNi's ex enemy Princess is joining PSR. This actually doesn't come as a shock considering every time NiNi beefs with someone and its over they join PSR... look at Banks and Ke$ha, but once again we have no idea if either one of these rumors are true, but we will let you know...... and speaking of Banks and Ke$ha check out their new song released today titled "We Are The One" Its a real conceited royal celebrity kind of song, but it bangs hard and it combines Ke$ha's pop style with Azalea's rap style click here to check it out!


johnny1 said...

that is very mature but it would've been even better if it never happened in the 1st place

johnny1 said...

well its over now so it doesn't matter