Saturday, October 5, 2013

Off To M.I.A

Hey guys just a quick update, me and the wife are off to the MIA festival so I will be offline tonight and I will give you all of the details tomorrow morning, so any questions or messages will be answered when I sign on tomorrow. And P.S yesterday I told you about the drama that popped off and today there may be new drama popping off as we have word that ex besties RI RI and Katy Perry are not really feeling each other at all right now and they will be in the same location so its an assumption of course but I have may have juicy girl drama for you tomorrow but we'll see. Peace I'll check in with you guys tomorrow!


johnny1 said...

lol johnny ur a nerd

johnny1 said...

whats up with all these friends turning enemies

johnny1 said...

they're just weird