Sunday, June 30, 2013

Princess Releases New Song But Guess Who Released One Back

Today after the pictures of Princess and NiNi's husband became worldwide news, a new song has dropped by Princess titled "I'm A Winner" and it takes shots at NiNi. Check out these lines "You can't be a queen, when you nothing but a loser, I can ask any random nigga and none of them wanna do ya, miss Betty Boop, Hollywood I'm taking all your cake they can call you whatever but the name for you is fake" Another line says "I was at the club and I bumped into the queen, not the queen I mean a dream she can never be a queen.  Queen N, I don't see you cuz u smaller than a roach I got 100 bitches from the A who say you nothing but a joke, you and your queen bitch a joke your whole style is polo come and get it ma get your ass beat like solo" NiNi didn't respond to her song, but her buddy solo did with a song of her own called "I'm A Bigger Winner" and she doesn't spend too much time defending NiNi, although she does in a small line in the song where she says "Get off her head you can never be her" but mostly she was defending herself. So now another artist has been added to the beef,  actually two because the line "You and your queen bitch is a joke" referred to B, but she hasn't responded yet. Click here to check out "I'm A Winner" by Princess and click here to check out "I'm A Bigger Winner" by Solo


johnny1 said...

both those songs are whack but solos is better

johnny1 said...

princess really tryna get herself killed