Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wiz Khalifa Admits NiNi Was His First Crush When He Came Into The Game

Today during a interview wiz admitted that when he first started in the game back in 2009, he had a major crush on NiNi he said "Man I was 20 years old fresh out of Philly trying to get heard, I met her once at one of my shows and since then I'm like damn shes fly, she became my crush right then and there, but you know as time went on I got busier and busier so its like that went away as fast as it came on, but we still good, I'm still looking to collab with her at one time or another" The media caught up with his soon to be wife Amber Rose and asked her how she feels about the comment and she said "I already knew that who didn't or doesn't have a crush on her, I did I still do its no big deal to me" Check out wiz's full interview here. In other news, recently the game hasn't been too busy since he signed with PSR, but he announced his first PSR album is coming around the same time as NiNi's although fans don't see it being any competition between the two albums, and neither do we, but the game has said he is making it better than ever. Plus he is also a feature on Nini's new album so we hear, so maybe NiNi being on a song with him will help to increase his sales, we just have to see. Also check out the new song by Jordan Sparks and Big Sean with "I Do It" check it here. Ill hit you guys up later,,,,,peace!


johnny1 said...

ugh nini and wiz i dont see that ever happening

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