Monday, January 21, 2013

NiNi's Inaguration Dress And Hair Takes Our Breath Away

NiNi may have gotten to serenade the First Couple at the Inaugural Ball in 2009, but today,  she got a plum promotion: singer of the National Anthem at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. For the once-in-a-lifetime event, NiNi stepped up her fashion game like no other. She stepped out looking like the American royalty she is: She stunned in a long black dress with a swirling black floral pattern, topped off with a long black coat. Her tangerine nail polish popped against emerald jewelry and her hair... well, we've never seen such bouncy locks: NiNi's  stylist Ty Hunter confirms to us that she is wearing a Gucci dress, a Christian Dior coat and Lorraine Schwartz emeralds 3 words Fancy As Hell!
The applause started when she took her place at the Capitol to watch President Barack Obama take the oath for his second term in office. then she stopped to chat with the Rev. Al Sharpton. NiNi had a definite fan in Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who applauded eagerly after she finished singing the national anthem. She offered R&B-esque vocal riffs as she sang on and the crowd seemed to love it, cheering loudly as she finished. Clarkson, too, hit high notes  NiNi may have been the star musical attraction, but she had plenty of company from Hollywood at the Capitol.  Katy Perry and John Mayer sat side-by-side, with Perry in an orange-striped coat and wide hat, and Mayer in dark sunglasses. Ke$ha was there, too .People flocked to the colorful pop star, snapping photos and Actress Eva Longoria was seated on the platform outside the Capitol after making an appearance at a Kennedy Center performance Sunday night and cheered for her as she finished. Former Boston Celtics great Bill Russell was in the crowd, too, along with actor Marlon Wayans. It was a memorable day indeed and you can check out her amazing performance of our national anthem by clicking here We aren't sure if NiNi will still be continuing with her show tonight, as she posted on her site, "I LOVED THE INAUGURATION BUT IT LEFT ME BURNT AND KIND OF IN PAIN FROM HITTING THOSE DAMN HIGH NOTES, WOULD YOU GUYS HATE ME IF I SKIP OUT AGAIN TONIGHT?". So not really sure if we have to wait for another make up, but Ill let you guys know when I know!
Update: NiNi has informed us that she is cancelling her show tonight as she is quote "Tired" and not up to it, we had the opportunity to run into her a little while ago and she doesn't look to well she seemed dizzy and her face was really red and she seemed really flushed out and she said she just needs to rest, but she promised to make it up Thursday so she wants you to hold onto your tickets, but for now she is taking a couple days off and says she will be back on Thursday, so Ill be getting you guys PSR news just probably not Nini news until Thursday,so for now peace!


johnny1 said...

she looked so beautiful there like really

johnny1 said...

damn she killed those high notes go on girl