Friday, January 25, 2013

NiNi's Show Last Night + The Queens Go To Court

Last Night was NiNi's show in Jonesburg, CT at the riverside music palace in front of over 75,000 heads. It was a great comeback show but she was solo the whole night as the other queen was absent but she still did an amazing job by herself performing for 2 whole hours straight 9 songs with no breaks. Click here to check out her amazing performance. The other one may have not been present last night at the show, but she was today as both were spotted entering an Atlanta courtroom where they were hounded by paparazzi and their lawyers and managers had to shield them because it was so many camera's asking for statements and whatnot. Access to the inside of the court was banned of course but the hearing lasted about an hour, both women pleaded guilty to the charges of starting a riot causing a public disturbance and insubordination (That means disrespecting authority for the slow folks). Both pleaded not guilty to the charge of attempted and reckless assault on a police officer. The last two charges of assault were tossed out as apart of their guilty plea deal, and both women were sentenced to 3 months probation and 72 hours (that's 3 days) of community service. Their probation begins on February 1st and lasts until May 1st in which time they must report to their P,O every 2 weeks. Conditions of their probation say they aren't allowed leave the country and there will be random piss tests to check for drugs, alcohol is fine. Being that both women are mega superstars they are allowed to go wherever their work takes them but it has to be in America only, they cant go overseas until their probation is over in May. Their community service begins on Monday and lasts until Thursday, both walked away with no fines and the judge said they got off very good compared to what they shouldve got as people with less charges spent longer than 2 years in jail, but he took their jobs into consideration when making his decision and he didn't want to cause another riot by letting their fans down. Both refused to comment on this situation as of yet. But they both confirmed they will be performing tomorrow night in Atlantic City NJ at the Trump Casino, tickets sold out in less than 20 seconds so hope you guys got yours, They have no shows tonight as they both are off tonight. For more info on this story check the full article from the news here. And for those of you who have tickets see ya tomorrow night!


johnny1 said...

they did get off easy i spent 9 months in jail for stealing a butterfinger from the store that proves being rich does pay

johnny1 said...

why wouldnt they

johnny1 said...

i still say its all ridiculous but w.e thats just me