Friday, January 25, 2013

NiNi Releases Behind The Scenes Rehearsals Of Her Upcoming Superbowl Performance

Today on Nini's site she released a 8 minute rehearsal video which shows her and her dancers practicing for her upcoming Superbowl performance which will take place on Feb 15th less than 3 weeks away. The video shows what dances they will be performing and the routine it takes to master those dance moves. NiNi is dressed in black tights and a wife beater with her jacket tied around her waist with a bottle a water and her red bull that she drinks everytime she takes a break. The video has received over 1 million views and that made her site crash and the video shows just how busy they are preparing for this performance and it also shows how she looks with no make up which we love to see. Click here to check out the video. In other news, Nini says her favorite bud is kush. Isn't it for all of us.....After her court appearance, a news reporter asked her a question which was out of nowhere and he asked "Whats her favorite weed" and after she looked shocked she replied "Kush" and the reporter replied "Don't we all", The question was totally irrelevant to what was going on at the moment but the media is known for doing things like that, and since NiNi has a song out called "Kush" it shouldve been known what she prefers already, but the media has a way to get what they already know out of people. Bear with me guys, I know this isn't real news, but I got info on Nini and I gave it, so try not to bash me too hard. If I have any more for you guys tonight, Ill let you know, but for now that's all I got so right now, its Peace!


johnny1 said...

that good ol kush flower man baby girl got taste good times

johnny1 said...

i cant wait for the superbowl

johnny1 said...

i bet u cant